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25-Mar-2017 Tito

I couldn't thank you enough if I lived a thousand years Doctor! This is Tito from the testimonial video just wanted to say I am doing great thanks to Ibogaine and the help of the good doctor. I also won my honor society's regional president elections and going on to do amazing things in my community, state, and life in general. For those still suffering out there... I know it's tough, I know you probably have little hope left or none at all that this or anything could possible give you the chance at a normal life back, but please give it a shot. A lot of us have nothing left to lose and an entire life to gain

19-Nov-2016 Ana

I recently came to Guatemala with my brother where he was treated for his alcohol addiction. I am sure we made the right choice by coming to Dr. Lopez, who by the way is a doctor with a very big and honest heart, because even though the treatment took place only 3 weeks ago and we still take it a day at a time, we are able to see a big transformation my brother went through. First of all he is able to smile again, and oh boy it is so nice to see this smile after it was hidden for years behind all the pain he was going through caused by his addiction. My brother's treatment did not come without surprises but Dr. Lopez definitely knew what was happening and what should be next step for my brother so the whole treatment would be a successful one. When my brother received his first dose of ibogaine he wasn't feeling well, it turned out that his heart went a little crazy and the EKG showed, as Dr. Lopez described it himself, an extra beat. It wasn't a good sign at all but Dr. Lopez knew right away what might be causing it. It turned out that his calcium levels were very low and combined with ibogaine for his heart at this point it was too much. He immediately was hooked to the IV the received multiple doses of calcium and the ibogaiine treatment was on hold for the next 4 days. When we came back to the hospital to finish the treatment his calcium still wasn't where it should be so Dr. Lopez decided that he will administer ibogaine along with the calcium. As he said it he was doing something like that for the very first time but he felt that this way will be safer for my brothers heart. We all are very thankful for the risk he was willing to take, because this time my brother was feeling the way he suppose to feel, with no extra heart beat, with no surprises. Nurse Eugeune was with him through the whole process checking if everything is on the right track, and let me tell you that she is not just a nurse, she's a real angel working really hard day and night. You don't see people like that anymore these days. Next day in the evening my brother was back at the hotel and few days later back at home with his family. His story is a perfect example why it is so important to seek treatment with the right people and Dr. Lopez is definitely the right person for the job. It won't be exaggeration even a bit when I will say that Dr. Lopez saved my brother's life twice. Dr. Franco thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for us, thanks to what you do and how you do it there are three wonderful boys out there who just got his father back and that is priceless. Ana.

11-Nov-2016 Milton

Dr. Lopez, How are you sir. Or should I say how are you my friend :) I am sure you remember me because there are not many Miltons that need ibogain. I wanted to thank you for taking time out of your life to make me a little better. I believe ibogaine gives you a big push in the right direction. So does rehab and counseling but when that stops and no one is there to listen, people start listening to that voice in there head. That is what I gathered from my 2 visits to rehab and the testimonials of all the people I have met including myself. I also believe ibogaine takes away that voice in your head by a great deal. I can honestly say that I am in Chicago and I have no urges. There are 2 very big neighborhoods that are gang infested that sell heroin on the streets. It is the biggest open air drug market in the USA. They are off the highways and very easily accessible. I have driven alone since I have been back with time and money in my pocket and I love that I do not even care to think about it, let alone do it. I have you to thank for that my friend. I am sure I could of gotten ibogaine somewhere else, but you gave me a good experience, but most important the before and after. I, like most people are scared to do it. All people are scared to do the unknown. But you prepared me and gave me a piece of mind. You also came out of your way to see how I was and give me the 4 after pills. Thank you for all of that. If you ever have a stubborn American that needs it but is skeptical. I will always have my phone available for you for me to talk to them if u think it is necessary. 1-312-509-0022.. I have reached out to a lot of people in my support group from the rehab center I was at and some are nervous, some do not have that much money, and some are felons on probation and can not leave the USA. Maybe there is an easier way. Time will tell. Please thank Eugenia for being so nice and understanding throughout the process. God bless you Dr. Lopez and thank you for everything. Most important thank you for that big push in the right direction. Sincerely, Milton

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