Addictive diseases are diseases that affect the brain circuits related to reward, pleasure and motivation. Embedded in long-term memory is the cause their treatment is complex, and affect the individual and their loved ones.

Since 2008 we have implemented the most advanced approach for addiction treatment in Guatemala by using the most breakthrough detox protocols and medications especially IBOGAINE. Our focus is the neuro protection of the patient’s brain by combining several medications during the detox process. We help patients to overcome the three major obstacles to start the recovery process: Fear of enduring the withdrawal symptoms that are attributed to the detox process, Denial related to all chemical addiction and self destructive behavioral patterns, Fear of relapsing after leaving the clinic
With our treatment protocols, we have had highly success rates, especially with IBOGAINE
therapy. (78%-82%).

Our treatment


First contacts to exchange medical  and psychological information, answer questions, and set…


Full medical evaluation, EKGs, and other labs.


Administration of high purity HCl Ibogaine in a hospitalary setting according to specific…


Monitored process by medical and paramedical hospital  staff, personal trained nurse and…

Follow up phase

Reinforcements with ibogaine (boosters), coaching for the development of social skills, stress…


Josh explains how Ibogaine worked for him


Patient treated with Ibogaine

Patient treated with Ibogaine

Patient treated for SUBOXONE with ibogaine



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